Circles of Hell I - IV

by HatePH34R

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released September 13, 2019

Album art by Arthur Heck
Mixed & mastered by Rusty Mack
Additional vocals by Scott Kozdra


all rights reserved



HatePH34R New Hampshire

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Track Name: Perdition (Prod. SXMPLELIFE x HatePH34R)
Verse 1]
I’m off the dome
I’ve been alone
I’ve been a stoner
Probably die alone not sober
Probably never end this zone
But hold my own against my own
Copping zans, dirty sodas
Roam with villains, coma witches
Tasting sickness, secret mistress
Salsipotent, sanctimonious
Binge and purge to soothe the searings
Nerves are healing
Struggle with revealing
Scores of fucked up dealings
Miss my bliss like Sisyphus
Villain like Odysseus
Symptoms of a mental split from fucking with relationships I’m scarred

What do you want from me?
What do you offer me?

[Verse 2]
Dark places I’ll take you there
Slicing throats I’ll leave you there
You’ll feel saran, I’ll feel serene
My crime scenes are so fucking clean
Silence screams, adrenaline fiend
Flocks of crows still flock to me
Heart still screams “dismember me”
But wells run dry eventually
Finding parts of you in places that I never thought I left
Helter skelter taught me leave my mark to mark my kiss of death
Symptoms of a guilty man with all the skills to leave my brand
Demon sent, unrepent I’ll take you through my plans again
Lead you through my labyrinth ‘til I can feel myself again
Bleed you then release you when every single drop is spent
Breathe again, this is just the first event
Don’t scream again
This is just my means to end
‘til then

[Verse 1]
Track Name: Snuff (Prod. S.A.T.)
[Verse 1]
Times are changing
But I guess I’m chained to the thought of you
My temper’s running wild
And I don’t know what I’m gonna do
Anchored to the danger
We sharing like some forbidden fruit
No stranger to the masochism
Know you want to feel it too
I know your mother hates me
But she’s probably got a point or two
You’re gothic, short and broken
So a couple fucking nights will do
You’re thinking that she’s loyal
Let’s see what a couple racks will prove
I’m hitting all her combos
Yeah I got her making power moves

I really want to own you
Baby let me control you
I really want to mourn you
Baby let me destroy you

Whispers in my ear they tell me what I want to hear
I think it’s pretty fucking clear what we were both expecting here
You feel my blade, I smell your PH34R
I want to bathe inside your tears
I feel your breaking drawing near
Let’s make a snuff flick, pretty dear

Tempt me, tempt me
You will never escape
I want to watch you break

[Verse 2]
Destroying everything
I let my lust for all the blood consume
Her mind is lined with mines
From every single fucking trauma wound
Eclipsed by all the things I said
You thought I’d never be so cruel
Contempt for every little thing
Now hold on let me grab my tools
Dig right to your bones
Let’s see what the fuck I can exhume
Erase your truths
I want to turn you back in to some molecules
We’re bonded like I’m on release
But I don’t ever follow rules
It’s pretty fucking crazy
What a little bit of sex can soothe

Track Name: Season's Grievings Ft. Scott Kozdra (Prod. HatePH34R)
[Verse 1]
Catacombs hide my lowest lows
Crashed and burned and lost control
Perfectly contorting to distort all of the mourning
Wallowed in the cancer story
Slave to all the melancholy
Snorting til’ the pains ignore me
I can hear the devil calling
Monsters in my throat
They lie in wait for one mistake
To extricate my inner hate for the human race
I take it day by day
I watch their play by plays
They watch my life decay
I swear on Allin’s grave
On stage I’ll blow my brains
.44 met 25 and tore apart his fragile mind
With nothing left behind except his guilt and all his pride
Make it swift
‘tween the ribs is where my blade will rest
Fitting death
Brings to rest this anguish in my chest

[Chorus: Scott Kozdra]
Season’s Grievings
Everybody’s leaving
Season’s Grievings
Why am I still breathing?

[Verse 2]
Parasitic symbiosis
Timed out looking for a hostess
Grounded, 10 toes down unfocused
Longing for a night of solace
Clawing at the walls i’m nervous
Torture bonded with a substance
Habits forming from destruction
Suffocating from the silence
Autumn leaves a somber soul
That’s numb and bleeding from the snow
Without a throne to call his own
How many bumps until I’ve grown?
Defects I’d love to own
Displayed my darkest foes
All of my rage should show
How much contempt I sew
Burning more than just amends
So come and watch the virus spread
While trauma bonds my weaker threads
You'll PH34R me I'm the living dead
Make it swift
‘tween the ribs is where my blade will rest
Fitting death
Brings to rest this anguish in my chest

Track Name: Blood Money (Prod. SXMPLELIFE)
[Verse 1]
Sick of all the politics
Never one for establishment
Stab a motherfucker just to rub it in
Especially if he's government
Federation of what again?
Taxing every single bit of common sense
Medicine’s irrelevant when everybody’s cognizant
Constant sins, tainted by the touch I'll let it flow again
Distorted morbid conscience showing every single murder wish
Psycho shit, burn it to the ground so we can start again
Descend into the depths of madness
Lead attracted like a magnet
Heard the story’s oh so tragic
Hope you wanted scattered ashes
Slumber slaughtered, empty altar
Canon fodder for an author
Silver tongues, trendy talker
Famine for the family honor

Leave ‘em dead inside
Right between the eyes

Tongue around the barrel got you praying for the devil
Gun up to your temple yeah I’m gonna let the blood flow

[Verse 2]
Ecstasy from agony
Murder spree, yet I’m roaming free
Rolling on a drug or three; impurities;
Cleansed by all the souls I keep
Silence for the victims, please
Devil’s on my shoulder
Phantoms keep me company
Decimate like pestilence
I’ll show ‘em my malevolence
Pull the trigger, watch ‘em wince
Existence-ending iron crits
Constricted by their vicious grips
They’ll twist it ‘til their motive fits
Nothing can control the itch
‘Til body count hits triple 6
All the sheep are mindless
Attracted to the violence
Crimes of thought are constant
Graves contain the opps, fam
Talk about some fuck shit
All they’ll see is bloodshed
Devil’s in the content
Drink until the fog hits

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